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Couture wear

Beaded and delicate garments such as evening gowns, wedding gowns, saris and silks, suede, leather and fur and other delicate garments. Both men’s and ladies attire,blankets and duvets. Services offered off site include cobbler and dying services.

Delicate garments

We specialise in cleaning of delicate silks, cashmere, Persian carpets and antique clothes. Our onsite testing facility will ensure the best possible process for your sentimental garments.

Natural skins

In a similar process to other delicate fabrics, leather, suedes and furs are another cleaning specialty service we offer. This week long process ensures that your natural skin attire is not only cleaned but serviced to maintain the skins health and longevity of the garment. The process is thoroughly discussed on inspection of the item.

Curtain collection & delivery

Our curtain service is a great solution to seasonal cleaning of these heavy and difficult to manage items. Our curtain team, run by our shop managers will come through and take down the curtains, clean them and rehang them for you. Appointments are available by contacting the shop on 011 442 7172.

Alterations & Tailoring

Any small or big alteration can be handled by our qualified tailors, from shortening of trousers and skirts to major alterations on evening gowns and men’s suites. Altering garments require time, we recommend coming through and spending time with our tailors, trying on garments before any work is done. Additional fitting might be required in order to finish an alteration.

Water & Fire Damage

Our team will come through to assess the water/fire damage to your garments. Where we think garments are salvageable we will take them to our premises, clean them and return them to you. We work closely with Insurance teams to ensure the best possible solution for your garments that can be saved.

Testing Facility

Designers and top boutiques use us to test materials and garments to determine the best way to clean and service each item.


We offer an off-site dyeing service of certain materials only.

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Cobbler Services

Our off site Cobbler has been working with us for over ten years and her skilled team does excellent work. Some of their services offered are the following:

  • General shoe repairs (soles and heels)
  • Zips for purses, shoppers, sports and school bags
  • Re-lining of handbags
  • Shortening
  • Pins and Buckles on belts
  • Cleaning of Suede shoes and handbags
  • Restoring suede’s
  • Restoring and maintain specialised shoes
  • Ballroom dancing suede soles
  • Spanish dancing shoes (soles, heels and nails)
  • Tap dancing shoes (attaching taps)
  • Designer shoes all adjustments, soles and strap adjustment
  • Dying of wedding shoes
  • Bronzing of memorabilia (e.g. baby shoes)

Ozone Machine (Brand new technology)

For odour control.  The ozone machine removes odour from water & fire damaged garments.

Key Cutting